Monday, July 30, 2012

Exhibition opening

We had an excellent roll out for the 'people are people' exhibition.  100 to 120 people...approximately.  And it was a rainy evening!  The rain keeps many from coming out to openings, so we can only guess at the numbers had it been fine weather. This was a fabulous result.

Many people commented that this was one of the best exhibitions they had seen in the Dirty Linen art space. 

Petrina McDonald's little gems in the front room led people on a fascinating journey around the walls, past the fridge encrusted with instagrams to the powerful works  of Brad Marsellos and Adam Anderson in the main exhibition space.

The artworks of Brad (Photography) and Adam (Painting) complimented each other and were well presented with one of Brad's idiosyncratic lighting arrangements.   The lighting made such a difference, heightening the atmosphere and enhancing the presentation of the works.

We were very lucky to have Tabletop Lamps weave their musical magic for us once again.

All considered, it was a wonderfully successful night, and each of the artists should feel incredibly proud of their acheivements.

I have posted lots of photos in the Dirty Linen page album.

Talk art soon!!!

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