Friday, April 27, 2012


I went out to Catherine McCue's place this morning to pick up some digital  prints, one of which will go down for the Moreton Bay Art Awards.   I will mail it to a framer and have them deliver it to the Community center on the appropriate day.

It should be a very interesting exhibition.  Looking back on previous years exhibitions, they seem to get some very good works.   Being so close to Brisbane is helpful too I am sure.

It's rather exciting, because Bundaberg  Gallery is to have a visit from  Artsupport Australia 's Queensland Manager Fiona Maxwell, Australia Council for the Arts' Chief Executive Officer Kathy Keele and Artslink Queensland Chief Executive Officer Arthur Frame. Creative Regions have arranged this for Monday afternoon. 

This will be a good opportunity for us to voice our concerns about the many and varied problems of being regional artists, and to find out what sort of assistance is available to us.

One interstate gallery director years ago called me a 'GI'...Geographically Impossible!!!!   He did as much to help me as was possible, but it is very difficult to maintain connections living in the regions.

It is really encouraging to see these 'VIP's making the effort to  come into regional communities, something I haven't seen before in the 20 years plus that I have been in Bundaberg.

There are many very good artists in the Wide Bay region  working away quietly. It would be wonderful to see this recognised and to see some assistance coming their way.

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