Monday, April 2, 2012

Pick up

It was a long trip to Brisbane today in my expensive Avis van.  I was off to pick up the works from the Suburban Goddess exhibition which was held at Pine Rivers Art Gallery.  The van is a feast for the eyes and seems to be great around town, but out on the highway it seems to want to do its own thing.

At times it likes to steer itself in strange directions.  It  rolls around and over reacts to the slightest dip or other defect in the road.  Unfortunately the Bruce highway is full of defects, so I had to keep my wits about me. Well that's a good thing at all times isn't it?

Once at the gallery, the van was packed in about an hour.  This was largely due to the fact that the staff of the Pine Rivers Art Gallery had been kind enough to prepack most of the artworks for me.  A great effort.  They also spoke very kindly about the visitors to the gallery, who seemed in general to enjoy the show.

I'm sure Tracey Wallace - Gallery Director , will fill me in on all the details when she returns from her two weeks of holidays.  The whole 'Pine Rivers Art Gallery' experience has been a most enjoyable one.  Now, with Tracey's support and the support of others from Bundaberg...the show will be developed to hopefully tour either state wide or nationally.

I hope these sculptures are going to fit in my shed in the meantime!!!   We will's home tomorrow.


PS Danielle, can you send me your link again.......I have managed to lose it.  Cheers C

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