Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday at Waterloo,Qld

Brad and Jess (and Darling- the dog) took me on a trip out to Waterloo yesterday...a 30 minute drive from Bundaberg.  Deep into the dusty Aussie bush.

A narrow asphalt road wound its way through tall leggy gums that stood like a guard of honour right up to the edges of the road...packed in densely as if attempting to get a glimpse of the traveller. Sparse scraggly canopies of leaves leaned gently inwards above us, encompassing us in a protective gesture it seemed.  We must be going somewhere  very special I thought.

We soon arrived at the Waterloo Hall.  The hall has a great history behind it and a bevy of interested locals who endeavour to preserve the old  building  itself whilst also gathering as much of the history of the hall and local area as possible.

They gather at their beloved hall once a month to enjoy a barbecue and spend time with local friends. Their children can play in the old tennis court and run around the bush as long as they like.  The older children can go into the  hall and test themselves against their rivals on the old green velveted billiard table that is overseen by a formal portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth. It hangs on the corrugated iron wall nearby.

The sharp clicks of the connecting ceramic billiard balls echoed into the approaching night...mingling somehow with the delicious aroma that came from the barbecue and the  laughter and chatter that hung in the air.

There was much banter around the pool table and many apologies about one's less than perfect shots. Most were a little rusty it seems!

There was a magnificent full moon high above in the pale blue sky.  I tried to photograph it, but it eluded me somehow. Some obscure technical reason.  Dusk approached, so I got to the job of taking some photographs.

Night arrived heralded by the lighting of braziers, their flames licking about...painting living masks on the faces of those that stood around them staring dreamily.  Conversations ebbed and flowed.
Brad video bombed the side of the hall with old  pictures of some  long departed  relatives from the Waterloo area and some of the hall itself. The images were captivating.
A feast of a barbecue was served and before we knew it, it was time for us to leave.

Thankyou friends of Waterloo Hall.  You are an amazing bunch of people.  Motivated, proactive, interesting and friendly.  Thankyou for welcoming us and good luck for the future.  Waterloo Hall is in good hands!

   Brad and Jess

   Video bombing photos courtesy of Petrina McDonald.

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