Sunday, April 8, 2012


The afternoon I spent tidying up the studio so I can photograph my 'Lifescape'  that will be going down to Sydney to the  amazing Brenda May Gallery.

I am really pleased with this new work.  It's smaller size, 2.5m sq  has as much vitality as the first 'Lifescape' which was 4.5m x5.5m.  These works remind me so much of early works I exhibited at Greenaway Art Gallery, the pegboards with biscuit tin on pegboard hooks.

This work 'The Seven Days of Creation' was approximately 2.5m h x 5m w.  Made in 2001...a decade ago!    I designed the panels so that they could be reusable.  When one work was finished and photographed, a new artwork could be developed on the pegboard base.  This cut down my storage woes!...and meant that I could keep working.

Tomorrow I will post some of the photos of the smaller Boardgames.   Night!   c x

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