Monday, November 7, 2011


I met Brad and Jess in Maryborough.  We went to visit Elizabeth and Patrick from Mavis historical old home  that I had borrowed domestic objects from for the "Collective Insites" exhibition. Brad and Jess were just as overwhelmed as I was when I first went there.   Check out my youtube  link and you will understand why.  That link will give access to my other Youtube videos as well. 

Unfortunately we didn't have long there as we had an opening to attend at Gatakers Artspace. I will have to make a special trip down to see Elizabeth as she is keen for me to continue our very productive collaboration. I am equally as keen.

At Gatakers, Jess and Brad were able to meet Susan Rogers and Trevor Spohr...the 'dynamic duo' that run the Artspace.  Brad arranged to do some of his wonderful ABC Open workshops for them next year.

The exhibition was huge comprising of 55 artists. Titled 'Exchange' and curated by Amanda van Gils. The works were very diverse. Each artist had two works. One to sell and one to swap, which is a great idea, making for lots of happy artists!!

Till soon!

C x

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