Sunday, November 27, 2011

Brad Marsellos's Photoshoot

Brad, Jess and Darling (their dog) arrived at Dirty Linen late in the afternoon.  Brad set up lights to take the pictures I have attached. Brilliant work by Brad. He is such a talented photographer and such a great ambassador for ABC Open Wide Bay, where he works as a Producer. Jess Hall is from Creative Regions as you surely will know by now.  She is a dynamo and has helped me so much with developing  dirty linen.   
Together they make a fantastic team. We are so lucky to have them in Bundaberg.
Take note also that Brad’s video of Jip is going to be on ABC tv  Wed 7th Dec 9.54am & 7.54pm.  Try to catch it if you can.
Brad and Jess have bought a house just around the corner from me, which is exciting!  They move in this week.  That is going to be great for Brad and I as we have an interesting project underway!  Top secret at present! 
The artwork Clinton is photographed with is by Kim Demuth.  It is one of the many works that have come in for the Just Ideas exhibition, which is opening soon.
It promises to be a great show!
Till soon!

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