Thursday, November 3, 2011

Judy's pix - The washer

The washer installation was very hard to photograph for both Judy and I.  I haven't one photo that I think does it justice.

On the weekend I will be going to Maryborough to introduce Brad and Jess to Susan Rogers and Trevor Spohr from Gatakers Artspace. We may stay for the opening of the "Exchange" exhibition. Prior to this we will be visiting Patrick and Elizabeth from Mavis Bank, the wonderful old historic home that was the source for the mangle, copper, washer and stove that I used to create my works for the "Collective Insites" exhibition.
If we have time we will call in on Brennan and Geraghty's old historic grocery store too.

It's going to be wonderful for me to catch up with Elizabeth and Patrick again. They became such good friends through the development of the "Collective Insites" project. Elizabeth and I wanted to maintain our friendship and connection. We both felt that there could be more artworks developed from the amazing resource that is Mavis Bank.

Today I will meet with Shelley from Creative Regions  regarding  Dirty Linen.

Till soon............ c x  PS  Thanks Kim23 for your comments about my work!!

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