Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lunch at Woodgate

I had a trip to Woodgate to deliver artworks to Jenny McDuff for the festival coming up this weekend. (Woodgate is on the coast about 40 minutes south of Bundaberg.)

Jenny has a huge role in the running of event.


Carol (L), Susan, Jenny (R)

This is the first time I have contributed works for the art show, and my friend Susan Hutton and I thought it would be a great opportunity to catch up with Jenny and our friend from Hervey Bay…Carol Seegar.

Jenny is the quintessential painter. Her control of the medium is impressive. It was wonderful to visit her in her studio and to see so many of her powerful works.

(If you would like to contact Jenny regarding her work, send me an email at:

and I will forward your details to her.)

Carol Seegar is a printmaker/painter/jewellery maker…and so much more. She excels in whatever skill she turns her hand to. She had some beautiful artist prints that she had done since we had a weekend print workshop a couple of months ago. (I will post some photos of our print workshop some time soon.)


We had a delicious lunch. Glasses of wine. Good conversation and lots of laughs.

We should get together more often.

Jobs for tomorrow:

* Fine tune the ‘Broken Woman’ Digital Projection

*Go to see a Screenprinter re promotional T-shirts for the ‘Suburban Goddess’ exhibition.

Check with Gatakers to see if they have TV suitable for showing the Digital Projection.

Ring up printers re invitations

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