Monday, July 5, 2010


Sue was the only person to come to the gallery last Sunday. Catherine is packing for a tour of Europe….starting with a week in Paris – lucky girl!

I can’t remember how long she said she would be away, but it’s going to be a few weeks.

Kathy is in Sydney seeing family and is going to check out the Biennale, and report on it when she gets back.

We are having our own Biennale up here in Bundaberg. Lets face it…..Jyp is the ultimate star here, and always will be.

His artistic instincts are so pure. I don’t think I have ever seen that before.

(I bet they are glad they don’t have that sort of competition in Sydney!)

Sue and I had plenty of time to talk on Sunday while I ran around the gallery trying out potential arrangements of the goddesses for the Gatakers exhibition.

We were really happy at the end of the day, as we both managed to make some firm decisions about the upcoming shows.

My exhibition at Gatakers in Maryborough, will open in about 8 weeks. Believe me – that is not a lot of time. We need to get cracking!

My big decision was about the floor plan for the sculptures in my exhibition.

I have tried all sorts of configurations, but the best is going to be my original plan of a diamond-shaped grid pattern.

The works will have to be at least 1.50 metres apart, possibly a little more.

The downside of this is that I will only have space enough for 20 to 25 of the 50 works.

This is probably a good idea, as I will have to pick the very best works to exhibit.

In one of the configurations of floor plans that I tried, I found I needed to control colour, as I have so much variation. This was quite illuminating and I think it will help to resolve the work in the long run.

Therefore, I have largely withdrawn all green and blue works from the display. I am also removing the more ornate works.

‘Less is more’…as ever.

This afternoon, I selected most of the works suitable for the show and have stacked them in a corner of the gallery, so that I can see how much we have to take down to Maryborough. (1hr 30 south of Bundaberg. I have made quite a mess in the gallery as you can see by the photo I just took.

Tonight I might get back to work on my digital presentation for the show. I think I will have to chase some information on the web.

Thank Sue for your recent comments on Jyp’s story.

Comments are available at the end of the posting they relate to.

Talk soon x

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