Saturday, August 11, 2012

Long day

So much for going to bed early...I woke up at 4am!!   So, as you can imagine I have  achieved quite a bit over a very long day.

I have a large collage on canvas on the go. ( You may remember the Rhapsody series I produced a couple of years ago.  This was an unfinished collage from that time.   

I must say that it takes time to get back in to painting mode when one has neglected painting for such a long time.  This work has many more layers of paint than is usually required for me to be finished.  I will just have to keep on going it is resolved.  I hope that will be in time for the Bundaberg Arts Festival.

I like to return to these works of simple patterning every now and then.  They are so fundamental to all that I do. Attached is the type of surface I like to  create, when making collages.

I have put a search button on my Blogger home page.  You will now be able to search by key words, tags or labels - whatever you like to call them.   I am trying to update all my posts with their tags. 

Later in the morning I went online to make a photo book. I want to take some books to Sydney in October.   I have made a few changes to this production and I think they should be better.  I make these 8" x 8" soft cover books online with BigW.  They show up to 20 pictures and you can type on any of the pages.  They would make good short story books or children's books too.   There
are many styles and features that can be applied.  The results are very good. Sometimes the books come on special for half price, which is a great saving.


The rest of the morning I spent changing my lights around on their tripods, so that I can try out some new lighting effects on Justyn when he comes on Monday.  I hung the green grey and black I am ready for anything!

Tomorrow I have another photoshoot for the family in my upstairs apartment.  This is very good practice for me with my new camera.   "Depth of Field', 'fstops' and terms like that have been like a foreign language to me.  However, I am starting to understand it a little better. Maybe Brad's perseverance with me is starting to pay off?  I certainly hope so!

Till soon.  c x

PS  Welcome Wallace.

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