Sunday, August 19, 2012

Faceless workshop

Yesterday a few keen photographers came together for a workshop with Brad Marsellos - Producer from ABC Open Wide Bay.  The venue - Dirty Linen of course!   Brad and I had set things up the afternoon before.  We had some interesting props,cardboard shapes hanging from the ceiling,  glasses and vases of water and we even had my new friend Mr Deady Bones , the skeleton. Attached is a picture of Sam and Mr DB.

On the day we had a digital projection of some of my videos, which provided an interesting backdrop for our photographic experiments.

We learnt more about aperture and focusing and other technical things.   I am struggling a bit with my new Nikon.  It is so finicky!   Though, I think the real problem is me!  I will have to be patient and keep reading the manual and taking the Youtube tutorials and local workshops when they come up.

(A faceless portrait of Brad below)

Attached are some of my pictures from the morning, and a link to a stunning short video by Keith Stewart and Pamela Fisher.  They are really turning out some classy videos these days. Check it out here:

Some of the works produced will be posted on the ABC Open website. Try this link to see more:  The Faceless Portrait project details are posted there.  Maybe you can join in on the fun?

Thanks Brad for another amazing workshop.

Till soon cx

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