Monday, August 27, 2012

Brad and Jess get married

Saturday last  was Brad and Jess's wedding day.  Friends from far and near gathered uptown to catch one of two huge buses that transported over 100  family  members and well-wishers to the beautiful Waterloo Hall. 

Brad and Jess fell in love with hall earlier in the year...on Good Friday.  ( You can see that post by following this link.)  At that time, I had travelled with Brad and Jess and Darling the dog to join the Waterloo locals for a barbecue.  It turned out to be such a magical adventure.  It was then that Brad and Jess decided they would hold their wedding  at the hall.

 The huge bus rocked gently as we sailed along in anticipation of the upcoming event.  This was a smart looking group.  Very nicely dressed for the occasion.  Very friendly too.  

On and on we went for  a good half hour or so. We turned off  the main thoroughfare at a signpost  decorated with the carcases of three huge fish. Interesting I thought.   An  obscure custom perhaps?

On rocked the bus greedily devouring  the narrow gray road. Up steep hills we went till I felt we were sure to drop off the edge of the world, but having reached each peak, we roller coasted down the other side, elated at our survival. 

The scrappy bush finally opened up to the clearing upon which the Waterloo Hall stands. Many people had travelled independently and there was a lot of activity around the little hall.  A pavilion had popped up quite magically.  Braziers were on hand to provide both light  and warmth for the coming evening. Small children ran out to greet us.

Entering the hall, I marvelled at the transformation therein.  Jess had a vision for  this special place  and she  and her handful of helpers had delivered that vision in every detail.  The hall was enchanting!  Its empty tables covered in blue and white check tablecloths were adorned with  old bottles of various sizes that served as vases for the beautiful flowers they held.  Tables  were set with an enormous variety of cakes and treats.  There were dozens of jars of chutneys and pickles that would be gifts given to  the well wishers when the evening came to an end.   Old doilies adorned some of the walls, creating a feeling of nostalgia. 

This beautiful old timber hall reeks of history,  It is as ever, presided over by the  framed portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth, whose dignified demeanour never fail to impress the viewer.

The rafters were dripping with sparkling fairy lights.  The old hall dressed up to the nines! Her windows flung full open, allowed glimpses, small snapshots of the dusty landscape that was sparsely  inhabited by the ubiquitous tall gums.

 The stage where the band would play was generously hung with white paper lanterns of various sizes.  Our favourite band 'Tabletop Lamps' would play later that evening.

All present soon gathered to an area  away from the back of the building where  Brad had fashioned a rustic aisle of  tree branches. To each side people sat on old  timber benches. There was a hum  of nervous excitement.  The groom awaited his bride.

The car  arrived and one after another gorgeous creatures emerged.  Flower girl - one.  Flower girl - now two.  Add a bridesmaid.....then another.  A proud father and finally Jess.    Herself beautifully transformed into a bride, uniquely dressed in a charming ivory gown she had designed.  She was stunning!

Brad  was waiting with his best men, the celebrant and Darling the dog. Brad's smile 'said it all'.

 Darling made an attempt to steal the show, greeting Jess enthusiastically.

A moving ceremony ensued.  Vows and shiny rings exchanged. Papers signed and held out as proof!.  Smiles everywhere.  Some tears.   The flower girls tipped up their baskets of a few remaining petals and ran off to play. 

Brad and Jess and the photographer wandered off for their photo shoot. The rest of us retired to the hall for the evenings feast and festivities.  The champagne flowed and the sumptuous feast was delivered followed by a series  of speeches, which elucidated some aspects of the wedding couple that we had not been aware of!!  Lots of funny stories. Laughter and tears.

Then the band started up and the fun and dancing began.

I was so pleased to be able to share this experience with Brad and Jess their family and friends.
I wish them every happiness. cx

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