Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Moreton Bay Art Awards

This week I have been trying to get a work ready for the Moreton Bay Art Awards.I had a few print dramas though and consequently ran out of time to get one in the mail.  I wanted to send a print down to a framer  in Strathpine and have them deliver the finished work to the gallery.  Works were due in today.

So, I drove to Brisbane yesterday.

When the framer and I saw the second print under overhead lights, we decided to have a new one printed by a local printer. So, with that arranged, I left to meet the printer.  He was very helpful and said he would deliver the print to the framer late that afternoon.

Today the work will be framed and then delivered to the gallery.

On my way home I dropped off my tins for the 'renew' exhibition at Hervey Bay Regional Gallery.  I will come back to the gallery next week to set up the 'Citadels'.

I had time to drop in to a couple of charity shops, and true to my beliefs, two fabric bride's horseshoes turned up!!

I chose the one that is completely white as it doesn't compete with the other parts of The Bride.  It almost becomes invisible.  The horseshoe and the wishbone add to the symbolism already in the work. So I will leave The Bride set up this way and see if I have to make any changes later in the week.

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