Sunday, May 6, 2012


A large group of well-wishers joined Brad Marsellos last night to celebrate his birthday.  A 'welcome home' to Clinton Cross was also on the agenda as he had been away on an extended holiday, taking in Egypt, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

We dined out at the Blue Garden, a small chinese restaurant in the central business district of Bundaberg.

I was delighted to meet Jiao there.  She was one of my subjects in the 'Portrait of a Stranger' photographic  project that Brad had been running for ABC Open Wide Bay.
Jiao has been working partime as a waitress at the Blue Garden. She has been really improving her English since I saw her last. Apparently she has been attending a Tafe course of some kind.

Jiao Lee arrived in Australia in February 2011. She had come from Chang Chun, a densely populated city in North Eastern China.

Jiao came to Bundaberg to marry her Australian fiance. She has been helping him on his stall where he sells exotic fish at the Shalom markets.

She is an absolute delight. and has the most captivating smile.  I think I will have to do some more portraits of her.

Brad and Clinton's dinner was a huge success.  I was able to catch up with Petrina re progress with the art students up and coming stencil exhibition.  Apparently there is great excitement over North about this show, and all is going well there. 

The students are very lucky to have such a dedicated and enthusiastic art teacher as Petrina McDonald.  She's also lots of fun!

I am looking forward to meeting the year 10's other art teacher, Megan McFarlane in the near future.

Till soon!   c x

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