Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moreton Bay Art Awards

This blog post was written as a guest blog for ABC Open Wide Bay  http://open.abc.net.au/openregions/qld-wide-bay-71AY7Fz/posts/my-girl-89ob0tk
I travelled to Strathpine last Friday for the official opening of the Moreton Bay Art Awards. It was a wonderful event. The theme for the night was 'black and white' and this added to the special feel of the whole occasion.

There was a real hum of excitement in the air.

Hundreds of entries had been submitted for the competion. The walls were covered with a vast array of works. People roamed through the exhibition, glass of wine in one hand, offering their opinions on the various works. Most finding something they liked amongst the offerings.

The work I had entered into the competition was a digital print of a girl seated and alone in a dark environment. Her body is covered with celestial patterns which transform her into a goddess-like figure.

From their small rostrum, decorated with black and white balloons, the Mayor and other speakers, introduced the business of the night.

The presentations were about to commence. An eery silence fell over the crowd.

Four commendations were given and a local artist was awarded her prize. The audience were most appreciative. .

I was very fortunate then, to have been awarded one of the two major awards. My artwork will also become part of the Moreton Bay Council collection.

I met with the judge Mr Ross Searle and had an interesting conversation with him about my artwork.

It is wonderful to have received this award. It confirms that people are connecting with my work. It builds confidence.

In a practical way, the award will help me to continue my art practice in these difficult economic times and for that I am most grateful.

Next on the agenda is Sydney in October. I can't wait!


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