Monday, December 19, 2011


I've been feeling rather despondent these last few days.  I'm feeling that maybe my timing is wrong  in regards to opening a gallery  in Bundaberg again.
Clinton set dates for two artist talks, both of which had to be cancelled due to lack of attendance.  The weekly attendance rate has been quite sad.
Of course everyone will say it was a great opening but it's the silly season.  That's true, but I don't really  have an option to wait for Bundaberg to be ready for another gallery. 

I am getting very few expressions of interest, and survey result are not encouraging.

Bundaberg artists need to get onboard quickly now  if they feel they need Dirty Linen.

If Dirty Linen has to close, it won't be won't hurt! ( Maybe just a little!)  It may even be liberating!!!    I might have more time for video bombing with Brad!! 

I also need to consider the difficulties this project is causing my art practice, which will always be my prime focus.

Till soon.  c  x

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