Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Rain at last, to start a new week. The weekend was spent at Eaton's Hill. Roller in hand, I managed to paint most of the downstairs apartment. It is amazing how powerful colour can be. In this instance I banished a particulary sad looking pale grey/green. Now a pristine white, the room is much more inviting. And I repeated the magic in the entry hall.

Thanks to Kym and Lindsay for all their efforts on the weekend.

My son Ben and Sarah and baby Eden are shifting to Alpha (near Emerald) so that Ben, who is a teacher can do his country service. Thankfully, that isn't too far away.

And so the house is being prepared for renting or perhaps even selling.

We are on the countdown for Clinton's Just Ideas exhibition. The show is nearly hung, except for a few works which are late coming. It's looking fabulous! Will reveal all soon!

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