Thursday, December 29, 2011


It is my birthday today.  I'm 59.  I guess it would be easy to feel very negative about that, but I feel very much in the prime of my life.  I feel so blessed to have my art practice...  it has sustained me through some very difficult times.  It takes me to places I want to go, both in a physical sense and also intellectually. It keeps my focus on tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to lunch out with my girls today.  A seafood restaurant this time.  Down by the river.  The Burnett River.   It will look so peaceful there today as we sip our champagne and delight in our  seafood cocktails.  It will look so unlike the raging torrent that flooded Bundaberg so mercilessly last year.  Those of us here in Bundaberg, who witnessed these unthinkable events will remain forever scarred.

We came in droves... down to the floodings, to stop and stare and to document these events.  We came to see the inundations and to feel the brutal force of the river...knowing that it had swept away dreams and taken lives.  

Our lives piled up in soggy heaps of domestic detritus all over town.


There are some very moving videos about the aftermath of the floods at the following link:
Produced by Brad Marsellos.
I have a very limited selection of photos attached below.

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