Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cash register Part 2

I made some progress dismantling the cash register...it still has a way to go though.   I took it to SHARP next to Thai Tulips on Takalvan St for any suggestions they might have.  I was told to remove the base first.  I had to go  back to get the guys to remove some rusty screws. They are so friendly and helpful there.  I told them I would   invite them to the exhibition at BRAG.

The cash register  till was empty except for 15 cents, so I guess I can afford a lollipop now!

Some people from the Bundaberg photography group booked in for a day shoot on Sunday 20th of March.  That should be interesting.  I hope they might give Justyn some work.

I also received an email from a lovely lady called Helen,  who has some biscuit tins to add to my collection. I will catch up with her in Brisbane soon I hope.

C  x

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