Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Collective Insites

I travelled to Brisbane on the weekend as I had some business to deal with. I stayed with Ben and Sarah and beautiful little Eden.  We managed to Skype Alexandria, Isabella and Charlotte. So it was a delight to have my three Grand daughters 'together'.  Alexandria was doing a great job of baby sitting.

On Saturday afternoon, Ben and I went to Carina to meet Helen and her lovely relatives.  Helen had found me on the web when searching for someone with a biscuit tin collection.  She had been spring cleaning he Grandmother's house I think she said. She came across quite a few tins and wanted to find someone who could give them a home.

To my way of thinking, you can never have too many biscuit tin!!  I was really happy to meet Helen and the other lovely ladies and I will be sure to invite them to visit my exhibition of the Suburban Goddesses next March.  I will probably be able to use some of their tins in one of my sculptures. (Picture attached of Helen's tins.)

Susan and I  left Brisbane for Maryborough, very early on Monday morning to catch up with Judy, Fiona and the artists   involved with the Collective Insites exhibition.

It seems that all the artists are producing interesting works for the show. So everything appears to be on track.

I have emailed a printing broker to give me a quote on a long digital print that is to be part of one of my works.

I have been doing quite a lot of writing about my work.  I might include some in this blog after the show has opened. You can check out the blog about the Collective Insites exhibition by clicking this link....

Jip called in to see me last week and I was supposed to drop into his place to pick up a pumpkin!!   Sadly I forgot, so I will have to call in to see him this week with my apologies.

Till soon,  c x

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