Friday, March 25, 2011

Back to Mavis Bank

Susan, Beryl and I travelled to Maryborough yet again to visit our particular museums and to take photographs.

Susan has produced a beautiful ceramic piece that I will show you once the exhibition has opened.

I took some photos  for her, one of which is of a beautiful lady's pipe.  How she will develop a work about this piece is yet to be seen.  But knowing Susan, she will come up with something gorgeous.

We dropped in to the gallery to see Trevor and to have another look at Clinton Cross's exhibition.  I sent him a text the other day to catch up with the latest news about his show as I knew he had sold a major piece and one small work.   By the time he rang them, he had sold 3 pieces.  He was delighted and says that is his fare to Paris!!!!

I will post some pictures from his show tomorrow.

While we were at the gallery, we caught up with Niels who is working in the sculpture room upstairs. He had misplaced or lost one of his sketching books tthat are so important to his work.  I really hope he finds it soon.

Attached are some more photos I took today of my objects for the 'Collective Insites' exhibition.

Talk soon....c  xx

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