Sunday, August 25, 2013

Whalesong 2013

It is always with a feeling of trepidation that I face another evening of digital projections.  It is so easy for things to go wrong....and one can end up looking like an idiot!  Art, I tell  people, is a leveller.....We can experience the very essence of the creative process one day, and enjoy the feeling of elation that comes with that, but tomorrow can bring imperfection. It can bring a sense of failure.

In spite of  the failures, I  prefer to look forward to tomorrow's ventures, hopefully having learned something from the past.  Tomorrow is a new day and I want to find something special in it!

The Whalesong projection I had produced, was displayed without a problem, at Hervey Bay,  last night.  Great evening!!

Now I can focus on the Bundaberg  centenary celebrations in November.

Congratulations to students Jess and James for their outstanding additions to the evening's schedule. Jess with a short video featuring whales and James with the music he had written  especially to feature  three very interesting instruments made of recycled materials.

The big inflatable screen went up.

My projection for Whalesong.
Jess....talented Media student stands in front of the huge screen ( Centre left.)
 James, young composer extraordinaire plays the seahorse. 

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