Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wide Bay/High Desert exchange exhibition

It was an exciting day today as  the four artists selected by BRAG (Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery) came together at Dirty Linen today to discuss the upcoming exchange exhibition. 

(Jess Marsellos enjoyed  our feast, as did the others.)

The artists selected are Susan Hutton (Cordalba),  Trevor Spohr (Maryborough), Adrienne Williams(Mt Perry), and myself...representing Bundaberg.

The exhibition called Wide Bay High/Desert is to be held in October.The four artists will each produce four artworks. Two of the works will be exhibited in Bundaberg and two will be exhibited in New Mexico at the time of the exhibition.

Themes will relate to the landscape, and/or cultural issues.

This is an exciting project that will bring our region under the lime light.  It will raise the international profile of the artists involved and promote BRAG as an innovative gallery, proactive in the promotion of its artists.

There have been some delays in the setting up of the Blog, so I am going to  drop in to see if I can assist, this week some time.

In the meantime, two of my exhibition posters were sold today and have gone to  a lovely home.  I also took some more photos of Susan for my Domestic Violence project, which is shaping up.

I almost forgot to tell you that Trevor and a friend passed on to me a rather lovely wedding dress for my mannequin, Audrey.   She's delighted!      See photo attached.

Talk art soon!  Cx

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  1. A delicious happy day...artists sharing food, thoughts, much ART happening...