Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lloyd Rees

It has been a busy week. Last Saturday Brad and I had the video bombing to do, and that was fun in spite of a few mistakes we made. Fortunately, the problems we had were minor and did not interfere with the projection itself.

We are going to write ourselves a checklist for future reference..

Trevor Spohr, from Gatakers Artspace was kind enough to invite us back in June, so we have plenty of time to prepare  some new material.  In fact, I have finished one video already.

One of my responses to the recent flooding has been to downsize.  I  gave  two full carloads of domestic paraphenalia  to St Vinnies and most of the rest went up to the dump shop near the CQ University,  I'm really  happy about this, in spite of the fact that some of the discards were old artworks of mine

I donated about five artworks to BRAG for their fundraisng auction next Saturday,  to help some of the gallery volunteers  who have suffered  extreme losses.

This evening I went to BRAG to see a retrospective of the work of Lloyd Rees...one of my favourite Australian artists.  His portrayal of the Australian landscape is so real.

In 1988 when I first started painting,  I entered the painting  section of the Bundaberg Show, when it was in town..  Although, I did not win a prize, the judge, Mr David Burnett, gave from his pocket to award me a book of the work of Lloyd  Rees.  Apparently, he saw something in my watercolour painting of a mulberry tree that prompted him to make this fine gesture.

That time seems an eternity away.

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