Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tidying up

Tomorrow, BRAG (Bundaberg Regional Gallery) folk will be coming with a view to recommend some of the artist's books we are showing be purchased for the permanent collection. That would be wonderful. We hope the committee will be keen.

I won't be putting my Little Monas forward as they are really only novelties and don't reflect my more important work.

I will be meeting with Shelley from 'creative Regions' to find out if there is anything that can be done to assist me to keep 'Dirty Linen' Artspace going. The artspace has such a lot of potential, it will be really sad if I have to close it. It is up to the artists in Bundaberg to offer their support now...if they want an artist run space. They need to make a committment and book in!!

Since the opening, I have been tidying up. I want to keep all the SG's together in the back room next to the laundry, so that when my exhibition at Pine Rivers comes around, I won't have to go looking everywhere for things.
I have really done a good job tidying the outside back storage room, so little by little I can bring in the stuff that will clear the SG's new room.

I have not yet shown a significant collection of my digital works, but next March along with about 25 SG's I will be showing on the gallery walls, 20 of the 'Broken Woman' digital series.

I am so excited about this exhibition. The gallery is beautiful.  Peter, who is guiding me through the various processes that will culminate in a great exhibition...has been wonderful. I'm happy with the work I am going to show. All is going to plan!

This is such an important show for me and I think it will be fab!  I hope you will come and see it.  Especially all you Brisbane folk.

So I have been busy trying to find ways that the Broken Woman series can be printed.

Well, I think I might talk about that another day..I'm tired.  I'm just going to attach a picture of a test print I received. It.s quite large at 120cm h...not bad.

Till soon c xx     Welcome Kimberly!

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