Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dirty Linen

I am setting up the 'Suburban Goddess' installation in my gallery.  It has never been publically displayed in Bundaberg till now.

The opening of the renamed gallery...'Dirty Linen' will feature in the Bundaberg Crush Festival

Thanks must go to Brad for some clever promotional designs.....the Dirty Linen t-shirt and the cheeky Dirty Linen underpants.!   They have caused a bit of a stir already!

I hope in the next year that Dirty Linen will be a focal point for some challenging programs and artforms.

With several of us keen to develop our video production skills I envisage  some very interesting projections coming up.   We will be looking to our 'guru' Brad Marselllos  (ABC Open Wide Bay) to get us started.  I think it will be a bit like opening up Pandora's Box.  Can't wait!

Jess (Creative Regions) took Susan and I to Childers for 'Vino & Clay Surprises'. - a Crush event. One's entry fee purchased a beautiful pottery goblet.  There was a great turnout for the event...about 70 people.  An abundant  feast  with copius flagons of wine  was provided.

The breaking open of the pre-fired Saggars from their rigid carcases was an exciting event....a bit like pillaging an ancient Egyptian tomb for its mummified  treasures. Some beautiful pottery pieces emerged.

To top it off Susan won the raffle!   She took home two elegant white pottery goblets.

Another busy day today in the gallery.

Pencil the opening of Dirty Linen in to your diary.  Hope to see you there!

Till soon.  c x

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