Thursday, October 13, 2011


Artspoken seems to have been a very succesful event...actually there is more to come tomorrow.  I made a couple of connections at the art market today and will be looking forward to some interesting projects developing from that. 

Judy leaves early in the morning and I will be catching up with Trevor Spohr and Susan Rogers from Gataker's beautiful Artspace in Maryborough. Apparently it is just going from strength to strength.

Trevor and Susan will be calling in to Dirty Linen. I would like them to see some of my large paintings from the Rhapsody series.  It will be great to hear the latest from Maryborough and hopefully news of Elizabeth and Patrick from MavisBank.

My stats tonight say I have had 7777 pageviews.  This is great, but I would love to hear from you every so often.
Talk soon...c x

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