Saturday, October 16, 2010

Too busy.


Too busy to write…running here ..running there…around in circles every where!  So I can barely remember what to tell you.

The civic centre  volunteers  packed  up the Bundaberg Arts Festival for another year. Rumour has it that there is no one to run it next year. I feel certain that someone will take it on.

We had a ‘Suitcase Sale’ in the gallery Saturday morning.  We are trying to attract a few more sellers.  We  did have very good responses and Rachael did an outstanding  job letting everyone know details..

Bit of a dynamo that girl.

See attached photo of Clinton’s cute Bambi’s at the ‘Suitcase Sale’… They only lasted about ten minutes!!

bambis sm


I’m trying madly to get my panorama done, so I can focus on something new. Actually I am quite excited about the panorama. I think it will be quite good.

Kathy D is back. Hooray! Plenty of time ahead of us now to explore her new haven on the waterfront with it’s picture book lilac sunsets.

Time to dream up a few delicious metaphors  that would make Kate Lewellyn weep with envy!!! (If only)

Time also for interesting talks! Lots of art to be made and critiqued. Lots of laughs and the occasional tear.  Good food and plenty of wine!!

That reminds me …I finished the wonderful book  by Kate Lewellyn  ‘The Waterlily’ that was a gift from Kathy.

It is a beautiful book full of so many  amazing descriptions. Her observations are so intense and her responses very unique.

Susan is reading it now. She had so enjoyed the couple of chapters I read to her in the ute on the way to Gatakers Artspace.

Oh yes  …Gatakers!!  All seems to be going fine there. Lots of visitors and interesting notes in the visitors book.

A few cards have sold. Trevor says I will be able to retire soon.!  Cheeky!

Till soon.

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