Saturday, September 24, 2016

A hectic week!

I had a rather hectic and stressful week.  I  had spent  a good part of the week preparing and wrapping  the artworks that will be hung in the exhibition at Graydon Gallery.

The courier picked up the four large packages that would be arriving  at the gallery early in the week. But, no, the artworks did not arrive at the gallery, and by Thursday I was starting to panic.  I knew if the artworks did not arrive on Friday, that there would be no deliveries over the weekend.  As the exhibition  is due to open on the Tuesday, this was going to put a lot of pressure on everyone    involved.

Thanks to Abby and Rose Ann at Just Freight, the works were eventually located, and a special delivery to the gallery was arranged.

Over this weekend, I will be wrapping up another work to go to the Rio Tinto Martin Hansen Art Awards.  If I can get that delivery to Gladstone without problems, I will be very happy!

Last week I attended PAPER 5, an exhibition of contemporary works on paper curated and presented by Clinton Cross.  The exhibition was held in Creative Regions lovely little pop up gallery over North.

Congratulations to Clinton for presenting another great exhibition.

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