Sunday, February 21, 2016

Big Day

Today was a big day.  Artworks were to arrive from the Wide Bay region for an exhibition in New Farm.  My two sons were there to help me set up, just as they were thirty odd years ago.  (Just   down the road in Fortitude Valley.  Corner of Gipps and Ann. in an artist run space called Gallery Brutal)
I expected a lot out of that first show, and art being the great leveller that it is, failed to provide me the fame and fortune I dreamt of.

So, for the thirty years after my 'Curious Bonds' exhibition I have been trying to create works that at least are meaningful and have integrity.

My art practice is a precious gift, a curious bond, that has sustained me through difficult times and also many good times.  It has allowed the companionship of many creative souls.

It really is a privilege to be an artist.


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