Sunday, February 7, 2016

3 weeks to go!

The 'Breathing Space' exhibition is only 3 weeks away.  I have been very busy with family responsibilities and this has made everything else seem just that bit harder...but, the groundwork for the exhibition has been done now and I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

The works are looking good and strong.   I  decided not to set a theme for this show as I wanted the
artists to choose the works they felt represented themselves more closely.

Above is a little gem painted by my dear friend, Susan Hutton.  'Lost on a winters morning'. 30 x 30 cm acrylic on canvas.  It will be on show in the 'Breathing Space' exhibition in three weeks time.

Another artist in the exhibition is the talented printmaker Catherine McCue Boes, who will show linocuts and prints.  Below, is one of the works to be on display.

'Untitled'  Linocut  60 x 50cm

Jess Marsellos prepared a fabulous press release for us and we have been sharing it near and far  along with Susan's great invite.  Hoping to get a good crowd on the night.  

Talk art soon! Cx 

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