Monday, December 7, 2015

South Bank

I am spending a couple of weeks at South Bank as my eldest son is away and so I can settle into his apartment for a while.  It is well situated, with wonderful views of the city and the river with it's ferries and catamarans, jet skiers and kayak paddlers adding colour and movement to the scene.

The action is not only on the water though, the riverbanks host much activity also. Jogging and bicycle riding are two of the main activities seen on the paved banks of the river. It appears that although it is not compulsory to dress in expensive Lycra bike wear, it seems that the majority of the bike people are very serious about their presentation and prefer to pay the price.

I must admit they do look impressive though with their Olympic standard bike gear and outlandish helmets on as they flash by, almost skittling one in the process.  If you are not careful to keep out of their way, one may be glared at through expensive tinted eye wear.  One can also be quite eloquently sworn at, or be aggressively tinkled at by those strange little bike bells, that wouldn't scare a mouse.

Groups of  healthy bike beings after their training sessions meet to debrief.  They can be seen at the best local coffee houses sipping on  long blacks or lattes thick as mud due to extra 'shots' of coffee. requested..their Lycra gear, sweated wet and now peppered with fragile flakes, evidence of fancy croissants consumed by the dozens.

Oh are spoiling us!

(Apologies Nolan! I'm just being silly!  cx)

I love these two sentinels.  You can see them near the Maritime Museum jetty.  'Bio-mechanical pelicans'  by Christopher Trotter 1995).

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