Friday, October 23, 2015


My life has been a little 'topsy-turvy' of late several trips to and fro - Bundaberg to Brisbane to Bundaberg and a trip to Melbourne to look after my mother, who had been very ill.  Fortunately she is making an amazing recovery.  The doctors said her recovery was 'miraculous'!!

So I am back in Bundaberg for a while, trying to sell my home.  Sales of property in Bundaberg are down 30% apparently and I think it will take a long time to improve.  Recent floods have not helped.

The WBHD exhibition is finishing soon.  I am so happy that my 'Cane Cutter's Moon' has found a good home in New Mexico.  The work generated a great deal of interest apparently.

This work is an acrylic collage on canvas.  The surface is heavily textured as the base layer is covered with plastic doily and tablecloth squares. It is my favourite of the four works I produced for WBHD.

I really enjoyed painting this landscape, so I will probably attempt another one or two this year.  cx

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