Thursday, October 29, 2015

Big Sky

I was thrilled to bits to learn that Brett from the Bundaberg Writer’s Club had written a wonderful song, inspired by my ‘Big Sky’ painting In the WBHD 2 exhibition here at BRAG.
Brett’s song is posted on Vimeo…Click ‘Big Sky Dreaming’ to check it out.
Thanks Brett for the great song. You are inspiring me in return!  C x
WBHD 2...another great success story for BRAG!

'Sing your song songwriter,
wrap it in a big blue sky,

you give  it back to me
tied up with ribbons and riffs.

Big sky dreaming,
finding meaning.'


  1. Hey Christine, I'm thrilled that you like my song! Sorry for the late response. I didn't know about this post until today. My wife and I love your art. It's beautiful and inspiring. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Brett, I have only recently started painting landscapes for the Wide Bay High Desert exchange exhibition. I think it is wonderful that you were inspired by my 'Big Sky'. I feel that much more work will come from this beginning. I hope too, that you will continue writing your wonderful songs. Please keep me posted! cx