Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Water Falls Installation.

My installation, ‘Water Falls’ opened last Friday night.  There were many young faces in the  crowd…Joe, Tyla, Sam.  It was great to  catch up with them.  In the two years since they left Bundaberg they have each matured in so many ways…both in their  creative pursuits  and also in their personal development.  It is just wonderful  to witness that.   Thankyou Staff of Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, (especially Trudie), for your assistance.    And thankyou all for kind words.  A special thank you to Joe for your fabulous songs.
My installation 'Water Falls' is made of 12 or so bridal veils.
I like to collect the veils as they are beautiful and have an air of mystery about them. They also carry with them a sense of innocence, promise and good fortune.  But veils hide, as well as reveal.

Veils have a gentle and elegant aspect. Their fall to the ground mimics a real waterfall.

This is why I was interested to create the 'Water Falls' installation.

Although inspired by the recent floods in Bundaberg, it explores the more gentle, forgiving and nurturing aspects of water.

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