Monday, December 29, 2014


After Xmas spent with relatives in Melbourne, I travelled to Hobart to visit David Walsh's MONA...the Museum of Old and New Art.

The huge ferry that takes us up the Derwent River to MONA is boldly painted in grey camouflage, mimicking  the dull sky above. It is one of those typical Tassie freezing summer days.  The wind is ferocious.

A short 20 minute ferry ride later and we arrive at our destination.  My iPad says the location is Berriedale. The ferry deposits it's travellers at the base of a 99 step concrete staircase.

Once surmounted, one enters the museum... a dark and mysterious environment.  It's what I think it must feel like to be entombed inside a pyramid.

One wanders around though, with a smart gadget that serves up information about the artworks housed there,  and it also provides some curious statements  from David Walsh.

There are a multitude of guides, to assist us on our journey,  but for the most part, they stand as if frozen, staring blankly.  When one interrupts them, they become instantly activated.  They are guardians of the treasured artworks/relics...which they tell us 'must not be touched.'

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