Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Busy, busy!

I am so happy that some of my recent projects have  finished.   I am too busy.  The domestic violence project I have been working on is almost complete.  The two large pull up banners are great and the images  printed on them from my designs are quite strong.  I think that they convey the message that 'domestic violence is not ok'. 

I will post some pictures  soon.  

The New Mexico project has been keeping me busy, especially now that the blog has gained momentum.  I have been producing quite a lot of work for New Mexico, but I want to do much more.  I need four strong pieces that will connect as  a group.Two works will go to New Mexico and they must be good.

I have also had two photoshoots this week.  One with Brigid and another with my friend Pamela, so I have dozens of  digital images to inspire me.

There's a blogging workshop on this coming Sunday and a Video workshop the following weekend.

That week, Clinton will be having an exhibition in Dirty Linen.  And that is only the major events! 

I need a holiday!!

Here's a rather fun picture of Brigid using an aerial photograph....

...after Frida Kahlo.

Talk art soon. cx

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