Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Visiting Susan

I had a couple of reasons to visit my artist friend, Susan Hutton today.   Firstly, I was picking up some  artworks on paper for display at Dirty Linen now that I am going to be opening the gallery every Sunday.

She had some lovely works I haven't seen before.  I also came home with three ceramic pieces of Susan's. They will all look wonderful in the gallery and will be interesting talking points.

I also had to take a portrait photo of Susan for an exhibition coming up at BRAG. The exhibition will feature photos of local  artists in their studios.  I have four portraits to take and have completed two already.

There are a number of very talented artists living and working in Bundaberg.  Their studios are bound to be unique  and interesting.  I will post some of my pictures after the exhibition starts.

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