Friday, January 13, 2012

Alone again

Sitting alone again in my empty house.....previously faithful laptop on my knees. The pool filter hums its way into the evening, lulling me into a state of optimism.  "I will not be green in the morning!" it seems to promise.  I  have heard that before!

I can't go home to Bundaberg until I have stabilized it.  I think I am getting closer.

All week I have been wanting to get to the printers to have a test print done for my exhibition next month at Pine Rivers Art Gallery.  I hope to get there next week. I am planning to have the digital prints enlarged to 100cm x 75cm  if there is enough detail. The works will be printed on a pvc material and hung with magnets.

The pvc 'posters' will display the digital images and these images will be available as limited edition prints  on archival paper, limited edition prints on canvas, or whatever is required.

It has been hard to choose the best 20 out of the over 200 images in the series.

The 25 or so Suburban Goddess sculptures will be packed in to Susan Hutton's ute once again for the journey from Bundaberg.  They will be installed very quickly once their floor plan has been marked out. They are not glued or screwed together,  but stacked up like totem poles.

I'm hoping that some of you Brisbanites from the Just Ideas exhibition may be able to come. It would be great to meet you.

Till soon.  Cx

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