Monday, September 26, 2011


I will be travelling home this week. Arriving October 2 after a long flight and train trip.  I have completely worn out one of the 2 pairs of shoes I took with me.  I have covered quite some kilometres. I went to the Tate Modern a few days ago...a bit disappointing I thought.  I must be  a spoilt brat!   Maybe it's art overload?  Anyway I did see some Picassos and Dubuffet, Schwitters and Balthus works that were interesting.

After seeing their Jackson Pollock made me realise how lucky we are to have the magnificent 'Blue Poles' at NGA.

I went to the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, where there was an interesting collection of contemporary works.  Lots of plaster over chicken wire there.  (not my favourite form of sculpture).

My favourite work there was the work created with flouro tubes. You will see it on the following link:      amongst other examples from the exhibition.  It was a very playful piece.

You can hire the gallery  there for a mere 47,000 pounds a week! So there's a thought!

The gallery itself is superb.  Each gallery space, of which there are 14, has an attendant who will talk to you about the artwork on display.   It has a very friendly atmosphere.

The exhibition of slabs of rock on metal stands was beautiful, and with small wire crosses on their tops, they evoked the mountainous landscape.....landscapes I have been travelling through recently.

Talk again soon. c x

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