Monday, August 22, 2011

Pineapple bandit

We had such a great time on Sunday. Good company,  delicious food, plenty of wine and champagne. And out of the blue there arrived a most interesting woman called Gypsy who provided everyone with a pineapple to take home. It was quite bizarre, but we hope it happens again!  It was such a Queensland thing!  We are  truly blessed!!

Gypsy held a captive audience, which she regaled  with wondrous stories about crop-picking, goats and gladioli!

Sue Anderson came along.  She had recently won a photographic competition with a brilliant work about multiculturalism.  Great job Sue!  We were delighted for you.

We also  had some artworks on display that were by a local indigenous girl, Chernee Sutton. She is incredibly talented and only 14 years old.  She has exhibitions coming up everywhere including Parliament House. She has only been painting about a year and she is just skyrocketing to dizzying heights.   There's a girl to watch.  And she is just lovely to boot!

Later in the day, Brad Marsellos from ABC Open, took some great black and white portraits. I will have to find out what settings he used for those great pics.

Clinton had his portrait taken too.

Talk soon!   I'm packing!   C X

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