Friday, August 5, 2011


It's about time I took some decent photos of my dolls.  I  made them over a 15 year period.

They are recycled old dolls. Cast offs from the local opportunity and dump shops.

I have used all kinds of needlework and decorations and doilys in the making of these mock icons. I love to work with women's things.  

After I had assembled the dolls I painted them with a coating of polyester resin, to unite the various layers.

I don't glue, screw or stick my obects these days. I prefer to stack them up like totem poles.

Totem poles preserve social and cultural histories for future generations as do my 'Suburban Goddesses'.
I was delighted when these dolls were included in Frank McBride's 'Tempertature' exhibition 2004 of contemporary Queensland sculpture at the Brisbane City Gallery - (MoB).

The picture below is of my installation at MoB

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