Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Setup Collective Insites exhibition

Susan and I had a long and tiring day yesterday.

We had travelled together to Maryborough to set up our artworks for the 'Collective Insites' exhibition.
It is hard to believe that the opening day is rapidly approaching.  It is this Friday evening at 6 at Gatakers Artspace in Maryborough. I'd love to see you there. Details on link:

Judy was there to keep things on track and to advise, to divide gallery space, to shift plinths, three four or more get it right......amongst many other things.  Attached are a couple of  pictures of Judy and Susan arranging plinths for Susan's ceramics
Trevor was there to help... to climb ladders, to lift and shift, to do tricky  jobs, to 'bend steel in his bare hands' and basically to solve all manner of  problems. All of which he does willingly.  I have never heard him complain.   He's an angel.

My works came together well and look fine in the small room next to the sculpture room. We had to call Patrick in to help re-assemble the mangle though. 

I can't wait for you to see the works from Collective Insites...but you will have to wait till Saturday, when I post them.

Susan and I didn't leave till late and had a horror trip home in the rain and fog.  But we were happy that the work is done and we can look forward to the opening on Friday.

Till soon   c x


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