Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Portrait of a Stranger

I’m always up early, so I decided to go to the Shalom College to visit the  Sunday markets.   I was keen to take some more photographs for ABCopen’s ‘Portrait of a Stranger’ project.

The markets have a variety of goods. Lots of vegetable stalls… lots of second hand bric-a-brac.  And anything between.

I toured around after saying hello to my past models,-Michael and Erin. They had seen their portraits online and were very pleased with them.


I was drawn to Ana Luz because of her amazing furry red hat. We waited for her husband to arrive to decide if she would pose for me.  He agreed and so we went ahead. Ana and her husband had been growing pumpkins

and had a large table full of them.  It was very easy to take an interesting picture with all these wonderful props on hand.

Ana has been in Australia for four years. She likes going to the markets because she can meet people and practice her English.

Later on I met Jiaou Lee who was minding a stall with her Australian fiancĂ©.  They were selling exotic fish.

Jiaou is very lovely.  She is 25 years old, but looks like a teenager! She is gentle and shy, but when she smiles her face lights up as you can see in this photograph of her.  I think this is one of my best photographs to date.


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