Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The rain doesn't stop. It's flooded all around Kendalls flats. It looks like a huge lake. Fortunately the rain runs of my block quite well and down the hill towards Walker St.

Xmas celebrations are all but over.....Ben and Sarah have gone home. Their baby girl will arrive in about 6 weeks.

I took some beautiful photos of Sarah.

They gave me a huge book called 'Photo-wisdom-Master Photographers on their Art'. It is a fabulous book. And Sarah's parents gave me Ann Geddes most recent book with beautiful baby photos - 'Beginnings'. So I will have many enjoyable hours ahead of me reading those.

I also received fromAllison and Alan a new book by Kate Llewellyn called 'Playing with Water', which will be a great follow on from 'The Waterlily'. I will forward it on to Kathy D when I'm finished it.

I had a call from London from Alan. He had spent a nice Xmas with his friends Richard (from Shalom school days) and Richard's wife Claire.

I have just started putting down a few ideas for an interactive art project. It's going to be a big year.

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