Thursday, December 16, 2010



I'm really pleased with this image - my most recent since returning from Brisbane. It is no doubt an addition to the 200 or so images I have produced in the 'Broken Woman' series.

I have a page posted relating to this series. It's worth a look if you haven't seen it already.

I really want to get these images out into the world.

Youtube is doing quite a good job of that...over 400 visits in a little over a month across my 4 videos. That's much better than my website stats. Maybe people feel more comfortable

interacting within the Youtube formula...just as they have embraced Facebook.

I'm going to post all my new work on Youtube now. So please to me!!!

I will try to find out how to embed my Youtube videos on my website too.


Now to the subject of the website I have been producing. Here is a list of things I suggest you do if building a website for a client:

Establish price of the website project.

Write a contract.

Keep an accurate diary.

Insist on half payment up front.

Limit number of changes allowable.

Stipulate time frames for receiving project materials and for the project itself.


I'm sure there are more things I should have done, and will add them to the list as I remember them.

I have learnt quite a few lessons.


I sent off an application last week to the Pine Rivers gallery to have a small installation in the gallery exterior window. Suburban Goddesses featuring of course. And today I sent an application to Gatakers Artspace’s Trevor Spohr for a possible inclusion in a show relating to museum environments…should be an interesting one…


Here is an extract from the information provided…

The project approaches the museum as a place of relevance to contemporary culture and local community. The intention is to stimulate audience engagement and interest in museums through innovative approaches to interpreting and examining their collections.’


Till soon. x

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