Thursday, November 4, 2010

Farewell to all at Gatakers

Sue and I left early to travel to Maryborough to pack up the Suburban Goddess exhibition.  Our friends Ken and Beryl came to help.


I didn’t take long at all to unpack the ute of Susans’s artworks  and refill it with the many parts that make up  the Goddess sculptures.

Trevor from Gataker’s helped Susan with the hanging of her show.  He is very good at this as you will see from the pictures posted.

Susan was delighted  with the presentation of the work…and so she should be.  It‘s a beautiful show. (See attachments below.)

I have a website to finish uploading for a client sometime this week. The work is all but finished now.

Jip’s panorama is finally  at the printers…so fingers crossed they do a good job.  Then the print will be off to the framers, where I will spend a small fortune.

I went to visit  Jip the other day and he presented me with a bunch of freshly picked flowers from his garden and toured me around the garden once again. 

I took a few photos of his interior roof for the latest panorama.

That work will be taken to Brisbane for a photographic exhibition at Pine Rivers Art Gallery.

On the weekend I took works up to Gladstone for the Martin Hanson Art Awards. It is an excellent  Award exhibition and one that has been fairly good to me in the past.  I took one of my “Mother’ assemblages and a small Goddess.

According to tradition I stayed overnight at the ‘Rusty Anchor’ Motel.  It had been ‘spruced up’ somewhat….but still very much the ‘budget’ stopover. It was a noisy night with barking dogs rasping out their guttural threats to  the many  wanderers  and  drunks that dared to venture near.

There seemed to be a lot of those.

I took the quieter coastal roads home and found myself quite enjoying the trip. Solo time to think and plan.

I really need  to get into some new work  asap. I can hardly wait a minute longer.



I will list my Youtube videos when I get a chance.

Till soon,              C     xx

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