Tuesday, June 21, 2016

At last!

At last, my most recent canvas is finished. I have come to like it just as much as the  first two works.  It is a bit similar to the second painting, and I found myself comparing the two all the time.  So I took the second work well away.  That was a big help, and I was soon able to finish  the new work.

I want to produce a couple more of these large artworks.  I really enjoy working on this  scale. (150cm sq). It's not very practical though when the time comes to display them.  Bundaberg is a long way from Brisbane.

The group of six artists including me, that exhibited at Graydon Gallery , must get together soon and decide if we are going to have another group  show, and if we are, we must decide where? and when?  The galleries are probably booked out for 2016, 2017.

I will have to check out the possibilities.  cx

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