Wednesday, May 11, 2016

'Enchanted Wood 2'

'Enchanted Wood' 2 is an acrylic collage.  150cmsq.  It was painted over an old collage that had a grid pattern made of plastic doilies and tablecloths.

I still have  a few old collages in my back storage shed, so I  guess there will be more works in this series coming up. cx


  1. Dang, Christine, you just get better and better. This is fantastic. Love the contrasts. oooooooooo

    1. Thanks Nolan, Sorry about my late reply. I had to reset a few things to have comments showing up. I hope it will be ok now. Thanks, I have been producing a lot of work lately, and mileage often seems to have a good outcome for me.

  2. Nice Christine, also reminds me of shells on a beach!

  3. Thanks Keith, I thought that too at times. C x